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4-Bike “Van-Rack” – Tilting

 Bike Racks for Caravans & Campers

When you’re serious about the number of bikes you want to travel with, this 4-bike carrier has been engineered to make the trip so much easier for you.

Main Rack

Key Features:

  • Bikes load or unload in seconds. CLICK HERE for video.

  • Tilts bikes out of the way for instant access to front boots, toolboxes, gas bottles etc. CLICK HERE for video.

  • Carries 4 bikes up to 26kg each.

  • Fits all bikes. CLICK HERE to see.

  • Perfect for big electric bikes.

  • Safe for carbon fibre and lightweight alloy bikes.

  • Bikes are held completely secure.

  • Fits to “A” frame using optional bolt-on mount or a fabricated mounting frame. CLICK HERE to see the fitting guide.

  • Fully adjustable… to position bikes perfectly.

  • Can be swapped to a car in under a minute. CLICK HERE to see how.

  • All steel, zinc plated and powder coated finish.

  • The quickest, simplest, most adjustable and most secure bike holding system of any carrier in the world.

  • Set & Forget bike positioning. CLICK HERE to see

  • 100% Australian designed & made.

  • Guaranteed structurally for life.

  • Delivery anywhere in Australia and NZ.

  • Weighs 36kg (carrier only – does not incl mount to “A” frame).

  • How to assemble and setup your GripSport rack. CLICK HERE to see.

HANG ON! – Can you actually fit four bikes on your “A” frame? Please CLICK HERE to see how much room is needed.


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