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Let Lloyds take care of your Caravan Servicing Needs

 Lloyds offer quality service to:

  • Caravans

  • Box trailers

  • Car trailers

  • Boat Trailers

  • Camper trailers

  • Horsefloats

Servicing all brands including  Jayco, New age, Avan, Concept and all other caravan manufacturers.

Now at a NEW Location 57 Tennant Street FYSHWICK ACT

We offer two prices depending on your number of axles.

Single Axle: $420
Tandem Axle: $580


  • Consumables, grease seals and other parts/labour are additional to the above standard service price.
  • Booking times are between 2 to 5 days depending on job requirements/work load/time of year
  • Caravans being dropped in for work are scheduled in the mornings unless otherwise arranged
  • Caravan collections are scheduled in the afternoon unless otherwise arranged

What is included in our caravan servicing?


  • Wheels, brakes and bearings stripped- these will be checked and serviced.

  • Tyres and wheels inspected.

  • Springs and shackles checked for wear, outriggers, chassis rails, cross-members and A-frames checked for damage/fatigue.

  • All moving components inspected.

  • Full inspection of body components.

  • Jockey wheel and jacks lubricated for ease of operation.

  • External traffic lights and wiring connections inspected.

  • Water Tank mountings and hoses inspected for integrity and protection.

  • Handbrake cable adjustment and effectiveness checked.


Lloyd's Caravans


 Lloyds Caravans Canberra based company, and is 100% Australian owned business.

Established 1964 by George Lloyd, owned and operated by Kerry Lloyd and Sons. Now at a NEW location 57 Tennant Street FYSHWICK ACT. We have been servicing the Australian RV and Caravan community since 1964. Lloyds Caravans are committed to their loyal clients and realised a need to be able to supply and install range of popular caravan accessories and parts for their clients as they're touring the country in their RV's.


Specialists in Caravan Repairs,     Servicing & Modifications 

        Established 1964     Owners Kerry Lloyd & Sons

   Open 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday



Caravan Insurance Repairs

Caravan Servicing  


Caravan Solar Power

Spare Parts

Diesel Heating

Rollout Awnings

Bike Racks

Remote Caravan Movers

Air Conditioning

TV Antennas



Contact US



    ABN: 92 752 692 927                     

    Licence Number 19500159

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