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Solar Panels and Power for Free Caravan Camping in Canberra

At Lloyd’s Caravans Canberra, we are able to help you get your energy started with our motorhome or caravan-fitted solar panels. We can install and provide caravan solar panels throughout Canberra, from Cooma to Goulburn. 


What you need without things getting too complicated 


There are four ways to charge your batteries:   

  1. Solar

  2. 240-volt automatic battery charger

  3. From your car while travelling 

  4. Petrol generator 














Firstly, how long do you camp without power?

Most caravans and motorhomes have gas appliances, and your average deep cycle battery will power the latest LED Lighting and phones for a week without charging it with anything. 


There are basically two types of caravan/motorhome setups

  1. Those fitted with gas/240/12volt Refrigerator 

*We recommend 1 x Solar Panel 120 watts 1 x Deep cycle battery 1 x 240 Volt automatic battery charger.


 2. Those fitted with 240/12volt only Refrigerator ( no gas operation)

*We recommend 2 x Solar Panels 120 watts each  2 x Deep cycle batteries 1 x 240 Volt automatic battery charger.



Charging From a 240 Volt Battery Charger

Fitting a 240 Volt automatic battery charger is the best way to top up

your batteries when you’re on power or before you leave home.

For more information click here.



Handy if you want to use a washing machine, microwave, or have all

your 240 power points working just like they do when you’re

plugged into power.


This requires a Pure SineWave inverter to convert your

Batteries 12 Volt power to 240 volts

( although these appliances draw a lot of power they are usually only on for a short period)

For more information click here


Charging from car

Charging from your car through an Anderson plug or similar, works, but it's slow to charge without spending a lot of money for some kind of charge booster.

For more information click here.


Air conditioner 

This can only be run with a Petrol Generator

For more information click here.


Try it out

If you find that you’re camping longer without power or the weather has not been favourable, causing you to run short on power, you can always add more panels and batteries at a later stage.

For quality caravan solar panels from a company you can trust, choose Lloyd’s Caravans Canberra.


"Over the years, I have owned many different caravans and have always loved to free camp where possible.Currently have a 1970 Viscount ( love the old vans ) with Solar Power and Large 2 door Compressor type Waeco Fridge. Works a treat "

Kerry Lloyd, company director and keen caravanner


We setup all systems so there is nothing to turn on or off , everything is automatic 

Caravan solar panel
Caravan and motorhome solar

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