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Caravan and Motorhome Digital Antennas

Lloyds Caravans can supply and install antennas to Caravans and Motorhomes from all leading manufacturers

Lloyds Caravans Canberra are Suppliers of Digital Ready caravan and motorhome TV Antennas.

Our long history and caravanning experience in the field and through feed back from our customers, make Lloyds your best choice for suppling and installing Digital ready TV antennas

Leading brands like Winegard, Happy Wanderer and more.

TV caravan antenna
happy wanderer tv caravan aerial
caravan antenna
winegard motorhome aerial
caravan tv lloyds canberra
tv antenna caravan

Specialists in Caravan Repairs,     Servicing & Modifications 

        Established 1964     Owners Kerry Lloyd & Sons

   Open 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday



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Caravan Servicing  


Caravan Solar Power

Spare Parts

Diesel Heating

Rollout Awnings

Bike Racks

Remote Caravan Movers

Air Conditioning

TV Antennas



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    ABN: 92 752 692 927                     

    Licence Number 19500159

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