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Horse Floats Insurance Repairs in Canberra and Surrounds

Whether you have a horse that needs moving for a competition or you’re relocating to a new region and need to keep your horse secure during the trip, horse floats are an ideal transport solution. Travelling through Canberra’s remote regions can be a smooth ride for the most part, but if accidents happen, you want to feel rest assured that you horse won’t be stranded alone.


A team experienced in horse floats and specialty vehicles

At Lloyd’s Caravans Canberra, we are excited to introduce horse float repairs for a various range of floats. Designed to comfortably fit your horse in during the drive, this attachment needs to be running and moving smoothly to ensure your horse is happy and safe. Ensure all damages are fixed effectively and efficiently with our trusted team of repairs experts. 

We can help get you and your horses moving quicker. From vehicle parts to modifications, we offer a comprehensive service for those travelling through the ACT. Our horse floats insurance repairs services are available from the remote corners of Cooma and Goulburn, all the way to Canberra city. 


Accidents happen, and you want to know that when they do, you have a reliable team ready to help. This is why we offer servicing and insurance to travelling vehicles, including floats, campervans and caravans travelling through the long-winding roads of the countryside.


Get back on the road with our help 

If you have recently purchased a horse float for a long trip through the country or are looking for a reliable team to service and repair your current float, Lloyd’s Caravans Canberra should be your first choice. We are an experienced team providing quality solutions that will help you rest easy. 


We are located in Fyshwick, Canberra, and are open for visits and consultations, or you can give us a quick call on 0438 800 652 to discuss your options for insurance and repairs. We’ll get you on the road quicker. 

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